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The multidisciplinary & multinational staff of professional engineers and project managers forms the core of GULF CONSULT Architects and Engineers’ engineering capability. Support staff provides specialist expertise in the complementary fields of management and administration. Long-term association between GULF CONSULT Architects and Engineers and its long serving employees assures stability and supports perpetuation of know-how and experience within the organization.

GULF CONSULT Architects and Engineers Engineering Office is organized by departments as illustrated in the organization chart attached along-with. Engineering departments in all disciplines are directed by department heads that are responsible for all technical matters pertaining to their expertise. The workforce includes diverse nationalities with wide-ranging experience levels from lead engineers, to designers and CADD operators.

Engineering division is assisted by support groups such as, Materials & Cost Management, Project Control & Scheduling, Project Management, Business Development, Personnel & Administration, and Finance. All departments and support groups report to the General Manager. The Quality Assurance Manager conducts his responsibilities of monitoring and regulating the Quality Management System and reports directly to the General Manager.

We recognize people to be our strength and so concern ourselves with developing a work culture that realizes the potential of each individual and improves the quality of their lives.