Gulf Consult Architects and Engineers has been at the forefront of project implementation for many prestigious assignments in the Kingdom. In the three decades that it has been in this field, providing comprehensive services for both inside battery limits and offsite facilities.

Gulf Consult Architects and Engineers offers both Clients & Contractors a complete Project Management ‘Initiative’ through its professionally qualified & highly experienced project management team. The team is specialized in meeting requirements and challenges of the project & ensuring deliverables on time, within budget and up to Client expectations.

Gulf Consult Architects and Engineers provides total project management and coordination services by combining two vital components of its organizational strength:

Target oriented dynamic personnel with exceptional technical, commercial, financial and contract administration expertise forming the project team; Engineering specialists who expertly support the project team.
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Project Development

In the Project Development phase, the following are the typical issues that will be addressed:

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1. Basis of Project Decision

Manufacturing Objective Criteria
Reliability philosophy
Maintenance Philosophy
Operating Philosophy

Business Objectives
Selection of Products
Market Strategy
Project Strategy
Future Expansion Considerations
Expected Project Life Cycle
Social Issues

Basic Data Research and Development
Selection of Technology and Process

Project Scope
Project Objectives
Design Criteria
Site Characteristics
Discipline Scope of Work
Project Schedule

Value Engineering
Process Simplification
Design & Material Alternatives Consideration
Constructability Analysis

Front End Definition

Site Information
Site Location
Surveys and Soil Tests
Environmental Assessment
Permit Requirements
Utility Sources with Supply Conditions
Fire Protection and Safety Considerations

Piping Diagrams
Utility Flow Diagrams
Piping System Requirements
Pilot Plan
Mechanical Equipment List
Line List
Tie-in List
Piping Specialty Items List

Equipment Scope
Equipment Status
Equipment Location Drawings

Civil/Structural & Architectural
Civil/Structural Requirements
Architectural Requirements

Water Treatment Requirements
Loading/Unloading/Storage Requirements
Transportation Requirements

Control Philosophy
Electrical Area Classifications
Substation/Power Sources
Electric Single Line Diagrams
Electrical Specifications

Project Execution

Procurement Strategy
Identify Long Lead/Critical Equipment & Materials
Procurement Procedures and Plans
Procurement Responsibility Matrix

CADD/Model Requirements
Deliverables Defined
Distribution Matrix

Project Control
Project Control Requirements
Project Accounting Requirements
Risk Analysis

Project Execution Plan
Owner Approval Requirements
Engineering/Construction Plan & Approach
Shutdown/Turn Around Requirements
Pre-commissioning Turnover Sequence Requirements
Startup Requirements
Training Requirements

Function of Project Management BEFORE Construction Starts:
    a. Functional Program
    b. Architectural Program
2. Evaluation of Project Documents
3. Cost Estimating
4. Planning and Scheduling
5. Construction Permits
6. Order of Owner’s Provided Equipment
7. Suggest the Awarding System
8. Contractor’s Selection
9. Invitation to Bid
10. Instruction to Bidders
11. Conditions of the Contract
12. Contract Agreement
13. Pre-bid Conference
14. Bid Evaluation
15. Contract Award
Field Supervision
1. Work Co-ordination
2. Schedule & Time Control
3. Cost Control
5. Quality Control & Inspection
6. Shop Drawings
7. Expediting
8. Record Keeping
9. Payment / Invoicing
10. Administrative All Charge Orders
11. Plan, Interpretation & Corrections
12. Final Inspection & Acceptance of work
13. Project Handing over
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Typical Project Organization

Gulf Consult Architects and Engineers treats all projects on par and gives utmost attention to maintain time schedule. The project team will be formed with competent engineers from various disciplines headed by a Project Manager who has executed similar projects. He will have the authority and powers delegated to execute the project according to the scope. He is required to coordinate with the Client, report progress periodically and resolve problems if any. The discipline engineers on a project team will have close contact with their department head for technical guidance but, they report to the Project Manager. The project team is selected from the following functional departments:

Engineering Disciplines
Design & Drafting (CADD)
Planning & Scheduling
Materials and Cost Estimation
Support Staff
Quality Control and Assurance

The project team has the following objectives and goals:
Work as team to complete the work per scope and schedule to the highest quality and design standards.
Coordination with other disciplines to get required inputs on time.
Make use of background experiences to provide the best and optimum design solutions.
Prepare neat drawings as per clients drafting standards and documents with complete information in all respects.
Ensure customer satisfaction.
Regardless of the scale of the project, in all phases of execution, the project teams work coherently utilizing engineering software, information management system, project management system, material management system, quality system, computer aided drawing system, construction management system and electronic data management system.